Lost in Blindness

Lost in Blindness is an adventure and action audio game in which you will be deprived of your sight while being totally free to move. 

LIVE a life-changing experience as a young blind adventurer

EXPLORE a Mayan temple filled with mystery, danger and enigmas

MEET the most faithful companion

FACE the most terrifying creature

Ready to live the LOST IN BLINDNESS adventure?


Available on Steam, Itch.io, App Store and Google Play




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Spatialized audio

To faithfully recreate the spatialization of sound, the most effective technique is based on binaural sound. This technique consists of sending a pressure wave into each eardrum, similar to what would have been the case in real life.

All the player has to do is put on his headset to be immersed in the different atmospheres of the game and live the ultimate sound experience.


A total accessibility is allowed, by the predominant sound aspect, but also by an audio description of a part of the game.

The menus are the perfect illustration of this desire and even go as far as to remove the need for sighted players to use their eyes by revealing themselves in Braille.

Streamer mode

Streaming, or the creation and uploading of videos, has an increasingly important place in the video game industry, whether to share one's passion, or to talk about projects that appeal. With this in mind, we have developed a special mode for videomakers. In this mode, a black and white world gives a glimpse of the environment and the characters, allowing the viewers to understand and react to the player's actions.